This high-quality programme is designed for entrants to the teaching profession who aspire to teach in special schools or to become Special Educational Needs Coordinators in mainstream schools.

At Red Kite, you will learn how to teach Maths in a way that motivates and helps children to enjoy the subject while enabling students to learn how to make mathematics meaningful, interesting and fun for the 11-16 age range. Our courses also include post 16 enhancement where you will develop your understanding of post 16 teaching.

Our specialist Maths teachers have years of experience and strategies to use in the classroom. They’ll work with you to plan your lessons to make sure you’re answering the BIG questions and using key words, so students become familiar with them and what is expected of them in response.

You’ll also master lesson planning and learn how to manage a classroom plus other valuable skills to create the right classroom culture.

By the end of the programme, you will have worked in five different science departments and will be equipped to teach in both mainstream and special schools. We will provide you with the foundations of special educational needs to consider training further for a special needs coordinator role, having had specific training on:

SEN policy and legislation

• Inclusive practice and understanding the pupil as a learner

• Differentiation

• Behaviour management, including de-escalation techniques

• Communication, including the use of assistive technology to support learning and teaching

• Knowledge and experience of special school curricula

• Detailed understanding of barriers to learning

• New models of assessment

The programme will be delivered by outstanding practitioners from across our mainstream and special school partnership. Trainees will experience placements in both mainstream and special school settings. If you are currently working in a special school you may be able to have a placement with them, but we also have placements in special schools from across our region.

The Maths with SEND course is available through Yorkshire Inclusive – Teaching School Alliance (K172).

A tax-free bursary of £24,000 (or £26,000 scholarship) is available for trainee Maths teachers if you have a 1st, 2:1, 2:2, Master’s or PhD. Scholarships also come with a package of additional benefits from the appropriate professional body. 

This course is being offered in partnership with the Yorkshire Inclusive Alliance. Please apply via the Yorkshire Inclusive School Direct (K172) route.