*Applications for our 2022/23 History course will open in October 2021*

The History course aims to empower Trainees with the skills that they will need to become effective teachers of history in the secondary classroom. The course is school based from the very beginning of the autumn term and so our Trainees get to work with a range of outstanding history teachers across the partnership. Regular hub sessions focus on general teaching theory and skills whilst the subject days focus specifically on three areas.

The first is the development of history subject knowledge with the most common topics taught across the partnership being regularly referenced. Due to the wide range of differing topics that History Departments can offer, Trainees individually identify areas which they will have to deliver on placement where their knowledge is less secure and work to improve that knowledge, showcasing their work on the subject days.

The second focus is on general teaching pedagogy and how this can be utilised specifically in a history classroom and so allows the Trainees to see how what they have learnt in hub sessions, for example literacy, numeracy and differentiation, applies on a practical level to the subject of history. Within this the course also looks at progression from KS2 to KS3 in history, the structure and requirements of GCSE and the teaching of A level.

The final focus is on the teaching of history skills and key concepts within the classroom which looks both at the theory behind them and how they can be practically delivered though hands on activities. Trainees will explore chronology, the use of primary sources, historical interpretation, change and continuity, cause and consequence and historical significance.

The History course is available through the SCITT route with Red Kite Teacher Training (2VXZ).