The Modern Foreign Languages courses we offer are as follows:

  • French 
  • Spanish 
  • French with Spanish 
  • Spanish with French 
  • French with German 
  • German with French
  • Spanish with German 

Great teaching translates into any language.

As a Modern Foreign Languages teacher, you’ll show your students how languages fit into the bigger picture in an ever-changing European climate, demonstrating a clear purpose to their learning.

During your Red Kite training year, you’ll spend most of your time in your carefully-planned placement schools, enjoying a wide range of opportunities and experiences. You’ll develop your teaching skills in the classroom, enhancing your linguistic skills and knowledge of your country, its people and its culture.

You’ll learn what is assessed at each key stage; what to teach when in the curriculum and what to look for during MFL observations.

What influences behaviour? How do you give feedback using target language? How do you re-engage disengaged students? You’ll discuss questions like these with fellow trainees and your specialist language teachers.

Health and safety on MFL school trips will be explored in detail, so that you’re confident to accompany, and lead, a group of students during one of the highlights of their school life.

The Modern Foreign Languages course is available through the SCITT route with Red Kite Teacher Training:

  • French (B600)
  • Spanish (D1322)
  • French with Spanish (2VY3)
  • Spanish with French (2VY4)
  • French with German (2Y6)
  • German with French (2VY5)
  • Spanish with German (2VY7)

100% of Red Kite Secondary MFL trainees have found a teaching role on completing their MFL PGCE course.

A tax-free bursary of £10,000 is available for trainee MFL teachers if you have a 1st, 2:1, 2:2, Master’s or PhD.

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“I feel really well prepared for teaching thanks to Red Kite. It has been a very busy start and a big change from having so much support in my training year, but I don’t think Red Kite could have done any more to prepare me. It’s just a case of putting it all into practice now!”

Amy Robertson, Red Kite Secondary Trainee, MFL NQT