This high-quality programme is designed for entrants to the teaching profession who aspire to teach in special schools or to become Special Educational Needs Coordinators in mainstream schools.

We want to inspire you to instil your love and knowledge of English in future generations.

At Red Kite, you’ll learn how to teach English in a way that motivates, embeds and helps to retain knowledge, helping children to enjoy the subject while developing their grammar, writing skills and reading strategies for each key stage through to GCSE and A’ Level.

Why is literacy so important? What is the best strategy for teaching Shakespeare? You’ll discuss questions like these alongside fellow trainees, with guidance from your specialist English teachers.

You’ll learn inspirational and innovative techniques for enthusing and engaging young people in a curriculum of rich texts and poetry, while teaching the skills to confidently analyse and compare different works.

You’ll also master lesson planning and learn how to manage a classroom using your voice, plus other valuable skills to create the right classroom culture.

In addition, your training will include a major focus on preparation to teach in special schools or as Special Educational Needs Coordinators with specific training on:

  • SEN policy and legislation
  • Inclusive practice and understanding the pupil as a learner
  • Differentiation
  • Behaviour management, including de-escalation techniques
  • Communication, including the use of assistive technology to support learning and teaching
  • Knowledge and experience of special school curricula
  • Detailed understanding of barriers to learning
  • New models of assessment

The programme will be delivered by outstanding practitioners from across our mainstream and special school partnership. Trainees will experience placements in both mainstream and special school settings. If you are currently working in a special school you may be able to have a placement with them but we also have placements in special schools from across our region.

The English with SEND course is available through Yorkshire Inclusive Teaching School Alliance (S971).

This course is being offered in partnership with the Yorkshire Inclusive Teaching School Alliance (S971). Please apply via the Yorkshire Inclusive School Direct route.