Teaching Art is much more than putting pencil (or paintbrush) to paper.

During your Red Kite course, you’ll learn to engage students with a range of materials and techniques to develop their art, craft and design skills, using digital and traditional media.

You’ll also learn to show students that inspiration for Art can come from multiple sources, whether that’s a school trip, a favourite band, nature or even an emotion.

The creative process is as important as the final outcome. During school placements, specialist Art teachers will give you the skills you need to help students explore and develop their ideas, giving them the confidence to express themselves.

You’ll learn how to teach balance, emphasis, proportion and rhythm – both in students’ own artwork and recognising it in other, acclaimed artists.

Leadership and behaviour management skills are essential for engaging a whole class. You’ll learn how to set a great climate for learning and put our tried and tested behaviour strategies into practice each day that you’re in the classroom. You’ll also learn how to monitor progress to ensure all students reach their full potential.


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“The immersive experience in school, right from the start of the academic year, gives trainees good preparation for the intensity, pace and rhythm of school life.”

“I’ve learned how to differentiate my teaching to meet a range of needs and develop strategies for effective behaviour management.”

Kathryn, Art NQT, Red Kite Secondary Trainee 2017-18