The Primary School Direct and SCITT Primary with Mathematics courses provide a broad range of teaching experience across Key Stages 1 and 2 plus the benefit of additional leadership of Maths training, with a view to you becoming a Maths leader.

As with all Red Kite Primary courses, you’ll develop the skills to teach any Primary age group, but this course will give you the opportunity to specialise in teaching Maths during your placements.

You’ll enjoy working with many inspirational teachers from across the partnership, including exceptional Primary Maths leaders, and you’ll work with the Yorkshire Ridings Maths Hub where you will develop your maths subject knowledge, pedagogy and be prepared to lead Maths within Primary school.

You’ll see how teachers continuously strive to improve practice in the classroom and enable progression across the full range of Primary year groups. You’ll also develop inspirational and innovative techniques to enthuse and engage young people.

The Primary with Mathematics course is available through the SCITT route with Red Kite Teacher Training (2Z3Z),  School Direct with Red Kite (3D2M), Swaledale Alliance and North Star (G740).

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“I introduced division and its relationship with multiplication to Year 2 and soon realised that this was a topic the majority of the class was struggling with. So, using my training, I adjusted my lesson plans and found that the 28 students requiring intervention was reduced to just one.”

Rachel Allenby, Red Kite Primary Trainee, 2018/19