The Primary School Direct and SCITT 7-11 courses specialise in teaching Key Stage 2, developing children’s social skills and academic knowledge to a high level in Year 6. In these year groups creativity is at the heart of our teaching, both in the core subjects of English, Maths and Science, and across the full breadth of National Curriculum Primary subjects.

You’ll enjoy working with many inspirational teachers from across the partnership, showing you how they continuously strive to improve practice in the classroom, and enable progression across the full range of Primary year groups. You’ll also develop inspirational and innovative techniques to enthuse and engage young people.

Throughout the course, you’ll be developing all the skills you need to teach children in any Primary year group, giving you the flexibility to teach younger year groups once you’re qualified.

The Primary 7-11 course is available through the SCITT route with Red Kite Teacher Training (2VY9), School Direct with Red Kite (3D2C), Swaledale Alliance,  and North Star (B541).

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“I taught a reticent student how to solve a maths problem he had been struggling with, and he told me he really enjoyed my teaching. I personally find maths challenging and so to have inspired that enthusiasm was heartening.”

A. Pardoe, Red Kite Primary Trainee 2018/19