At Red Kite we have a range of courses tailored to you.

Whether you’re interested in Primary, Secondary, with SEND or Part-Time, we have something for everyone.

Our courses are flexible and have been designed by educational specialists with years of teaching experience behind them.

The Red Kite course is made of a series of different components, which are blended together to create an engaging and coherent experience for trainees.

The key components of the course are:

  • Red Kite Professional Development Days – These are taught in mixed subject/age range groups and develop knowledge and understanding of general professional themes and pedagogy.
  • Subject Knowledge and Pedagogy Days – These are taught in mixed groups for primary trainees and subject specific groups for secondary trainees, by practising teachers who are experts in their subject. These days develop subject knowledge and are designed to apply knowledge from the training venue and University of Leeds study days to the specific subject. There are some phase-specific training sessions which are geared towards providing primary trainees with opportunities to focus on phase-specific pedagogy. In addition to subject knowledge days, trainees have access to NASBTT’s Networks Live to them in improving their subject knowledge and confidence across the curriculum. Part-time trainees also have access to NASBTT Learn – an online library of training and development courses created by experts to complement training and to encourage sustained professional development.
  • University of Leeds Professional Development Days – these days are taught by colleagues at the University of Leeds and develop trainees’ knowledge and understanding of teaching through the application of theory, research and evidence-based practice.
  • School Placements – Trainees teach in two contrasting partnership schools and are supported by a Mentor and ITT Coordinator to develop their teaching. The teaching timetable of trainees builds up throughout the year.
  • Mini Placements – these are held in partnership schools and give trainees the opportunity to see expert practice in operation in relation to national priority areas. Some mini placements will be mandatory and others will be optional for trainees to attend, depending on their own focus choice.
  • Transition to employment – Trainees are supported to gain employment before the end of their training and spend time at the end of the course preparing for their first teaching post.

For more detailed information, read Red Kite Teacher Training’s Curriculum Intent