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What our Trainees Say

Derek Revill
Ilkley Grammar School
Physics NQT 2018/19

The best thing about training with Red Kite was being in schools from the first day of term and being immersed in the teaching environment.

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I was treated as a colleague from the start, not as a ‘trainee’ or a ‘student’ and benefitted from the support of a close group of science Trainees. Looking back as an NQT, my Red Kite training prepared me extremely well for my current job. All the key aspects of teaching were covered, in particular the focus on meeting the needs of individual pupils, so there were no surprises when I started at Ilkley. Red Kite organised an employment day in November, which guided me very clearly through the application process and gave me the opportunity to talk to school leaders from across the region, including the school that employed me.

Hester Ackroyd
Ilkley Grammar School
English NQT 2018/19

My training year prepared me for life as an NQT in so many ways. My placements were organised to be truly complementary, so everything was covered in a personal way.

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I got my job in the school where I did my first placement. I had lots of help with looking for and applying for jobs, including writing my application and practicing interview techniques.
The best thing about my training with Red Kite was the constant support and positivity from everyone linked to my programme, giving me confidence, and opportunities to reflect on what was going well and where I needed to focus. I felt part of a supportive learning community; I was never worried as there was always someone to advise and support me. I thoroughly enjoyed my training year and recommended the programme to a friend, who started training with Red Kite this autumn.

Alex Whitelow
Western Primary School
Primary NQT 2016-17

Red Kite had been recommended to me, as you were training within a school setting, whilst getting your PGCE awarded by the University of Leeds.

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I had been a teaching assistant for two years when I decided I was ready to train to be a teacher.
Starting the course in my placement school from day one, meant that I was treated as a member of staff and I was integrated into school life, which gave me further insight into life as a teacher. The workload was my main worry, however, there is lots of support from Red Kite staff, University staff and your fellow trainees.

My placement schools were excellent, I always felt a part of the team, not just as a student but as a teacher. Advice and support was always readily available, whenever I needed it, from any member of staff.

I really enjoyed my teacher training and I would encourage anyone who is thinking about applying to do so.

Louise Miller
Silsden Primary School
Red Kite Primary Trainee 2016-17

The Red Kite programme is one that promotes a ‘hands on’ approach to teacher training, giving me all the experience of working within a school environment from day one.

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This meant I was able to observe class teachers setting those all-important expectations in the classroom; from class behaviours to standards in children’s books. This was an experience that has proved invaluable for setting my own expectations with my year 3s.

This route into teaching is not without its challenges, but you are surrounded by professionals within your placement school and during the training days at one of the Red Kite hub venues. The training days are led by practicing teachers, from across the Red Kite schools, who can pass on their experience and expertise to a new generation of teachers.

When I came towards the end of the course and it was time to start applying for jobs, I felt confident that the knowledge and skills I had acquired during my training year would come across in interview. I was thrilled when a job came up at a local school in the Alliance, so I submitted my application at the end of March and on the 6th of April, after an in-depth interview process, I was offered a job as a year 3 teacher.

Luke Davies
Lawnswood School
History NQT 2017 – 18

Red Kite Teacher Training has prepared me in the best possible way to be an NQT. From being on placement on day one, I felt like a member of staff and not just a trainee.

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The diverse placements and mini placements allowed me to visit a range of schools and helped me to decide on a school which was suited to me. Training with other trainees from a range of subjects gave me the support on a daily basis, but I always knew I could call Red Kite at any time. The subject pedagogy days also allowed me to discuss any issues with like-minded people.

The University aspect of the course allowed me to reflect on my teaching from a theoretical basis. The Red Kite Alliance is much more than just teacher training, and the fact you are part of a hub of schools, allowed me to secure my first teaching post.

Ishrat Shariq
Roundhay School
Chemistry NQT 2017- 18

Training with Red Kite Teacher Training has allowed me to work alongside outstanding and inspirational practitioners and experience a range of schools.

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I received excellent and high-quality training on key areas e.g. behaviour management, Science pedagogy, teachers’ wider responsibilities, meeting the needs of all learners and pupil progress, to mention but a few.

This has extensively prepared me for my current NQT year, as I am now confidently and successfully teaching a whole range of classes at Roundhay School – an outstanding Red Kite partnership school I feel very happy and privileged to be working at. Additionally, training with Red Kite has enabled me to be part of a strong support network which provides continuous, high quality support whenever needed, something which I greatly value and have benefitted from as a Trainee and continue to do so as an NQT.