Our vision is to train evidence-informed, professional and inclusive teachers who can meet the challenges of the future and lead learning in a diverse educational landscape.

We aim to lay the foundations for long and successful careers in the profession.

Core values

The Red Kite partnership approach aims to deliver high quality training at scale whilst maintaining a focus on individuality and the importance of a supportive community.

We’re committed to:

Immersing trainees in the school environment, encouraging them to think critically and become innovative educators.
Tailoring our programme to meet individual needs and aspirations, to provide varied experiences and to encourage trainees to become self-directed and internally motivated.
Providing a well-sequenced programme where practice is closely aligned to the curriculum being taught.
Having high expectations of our trainees as professionals, nurturing them to become resilient individuals and supporting them to feel part of the school team and the wider Red Kite community.
Creatively adapting national and regional initiatives to meet the needs of the local schools and educational settings.
Meeting the local, regional and national recruitment needs.
Developing highly-skilled mentors, across all partnerships, who will provide professional support with challenge and promote a culture of kindness, respect and wellbeing.


Find out how we bring these values to life through the support we offer.