Why Red Kite?

We believe that a school-based teacher training course gives you the best possible start to your teaching career and our Trainees agree!

The supportive and flexible nature of our programme is what sets us apart. You are in school from day one, but will start by observing before building up the time you teach until you feel ready to take the class. We tailor the course to suit you, and you’ll have the full support of your mentors and trainee progress leaders all the way.

We put a lot of time and effort into ensuring your placement schools are a good fit for you as an individual. We also take into account personal circumstances such as travel time and childcare commitments to make sure that training to teach with us is as convenient as possible. Our trainees are given the opportunity to indicate their own placement preferences and always know in advance where their placements will be, which makes planning ahead that bit simpler.

Our new Train Where You Live concept gives you more flexibility than ever, meaning that wherever you are in the region and whatever your training and placement preferences, you can still access the same Red Kite Teacher Training course.

Find out more about our Train Where You Live concept:



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Ready to take the next step?

The opportunity to work among a nationally recognised partnership of schools.
A high-quality training experience, delivered by outstanding practitioners, where you will be viewed as colleagues, not students.
Full access to student facilities at the University of Leeds including accommodation services, library, sports facilities, student discounts, and student support staff.
An induction programme starting on the first day of term. This will develop your confidence and will build on prior experience at your own pace.
A 'Progress Leader' who will guide you through all aspects of their personalised programme, from selection through to employment.
A combination of subject specialism and professional development days delivered at local hubs, reducing your travel time.
Professional development programme taught by outstanding practising teachers within the Red Kite Partnership
Experienced and well-trained mentors in placement schools.
Fantastic employment opportunities in our partnership schools.
Access to additional support after your training year through our Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) programmes.