*Applications for our 2021/22 Part-Time Maths course will open on the 13th of October 2020*

The new Part-Time Maths course is an innovative, flexible, two-year part-time training programme aimed at those with family commitments who are ambitious to train in the classroom but need the flexibility to remain in work.

How much time in school/training?

Altogether, over the two years, Trainees will have more than 120 days in school for each option. Professional learning days are included in the training days, although there may be an occasional day when Trainees are required to attend an event such as an Employment conference with peers across all programmes.

How do we train?

Our hybrid approach to learning combines traditional classroom experiences and digital course delivery. All sessions are taught by practising teachers.


  • Trainees manage their time to meet course deadlines.
  • Trainees get the flexibility of online learning with the stability of in-class instruction.
  • Trainees save time travelling to training venues.
  • Trainees benefit from a personalised training programme designed to fit around the demands of their everyday life.

How will it work?

Trainees follow a carefully designed plan to support their learning. The course is structured to make sure that Trainees take on classroom responsibility in a systematic manner. The programme will build your confidence, pedagogy and subject knowledge to give you the necessary skills to become an effective classroom practitioner. Trainees will become proficient in their ability to plan, deliver and assess their subject across two key stages whilst developing generic principles such as behaviour management, the use of metacognition and meeting the needs of all learners.

A detailed calendar and handbook provide Trainees with all the information that they need to plan ahead. Trainees will be expected to attend some parents’ evenings and to have some experience of the form tutor role.

The part-time Maths course is QTS only. This is because the programme has extra subject-knowledge input and additional focus on practical teaching application.

Will I be provided with training to improve my subject knowledge?

This course covers curriculum design, development of teaching materials, planning classroom activities and classroom management. Trainees will work with tutors and fellow Trainees to develop innovative and exciting ways of delivering your knowledge of Maths in the 11-16 context with post 16 enhancements.

The subject specific sessions will extend subject knowledge and give Trainees the skills needed to teach Maths throughout the curriculum.

The subject specific training will cover:

  • KS2:3 progression
  • Lesson planning
  • Metacognition
  • Misconceptions and effective questioning strategies
  • Adaptive teaching strategies
  • Assessment
  • KS3 and GCSE curriculum planning
  • A post-16 curriculum overview

As well as the Red Kite Hub Days, as a Maths Trainee you will also have additional input from the regional Maths Hub at Harrogate Grammar School.

The Part-Time Maths course is available through the SCITT route with Red Kite Teacher Training (U989).

A tax-free bursary of £24,000 (or £26,000 scholarship) is available for trainee Maths teachers if you have a 1st, 2:1, 2:2, Master’s or PhD. Scholarships also come with a package of additional benefits from the appropriate professional body. 

There are two options for study:

  • Option 1 – Trainees will train two days per week throughout the two years, and then complete a full-time teaching practice of 8 weeks at the end of year two in term 5 and 6 (finishing in June). This is perfect for people who need to train part-time but wish to work as a full-time teacher at the end of the programme and show employing schools that they can manage the full-time workload. This route costs £11,000 for the two years.
  • Option 2 – Trainees will train two days per week throughout year one, and then 3 days per week in year two (finishing in June). This is ideal for someone who wishes to teach part-time as a teacher after graduation. This route costs £11,000 for the two years.

Both options cost £5,500 each year.

Why Part-Time Maths with Red Kite?

  • You have the power to transform lives, so we want to help you to change Maths education across England.
  • The Red Kite Secondary part-time Maths course will build on your subject knowledge and give you the skills you need to teach Maths at GCSE and A-Level.
  • You will train over 2 years – two days a week in year 1 and three days a week in year 2 (option 2)
  • Our specialist Maths teachers have years of experience and strategies to use in the classroom. They will work with you to plan your lessons to make sure you are answering the BIG questions and using key words, so students become familiar with them and what is expected of them in response.
  • You will be able to look for evidence of learning, offer constructive feedback and use questioning for depth of understanding.
  • Misconceptions and errors can be golden opportunities – learn how to use them to your advantage!
  • As well as the Red Kite Hub Days, as a Maths Trainee you will have additional input based at the regional Maths Hub at Harrogate Grammar School.